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Nobility's Three Bedroom Homes
Prices include blocking, hurricane anchoring the home, central air conditioning and heat, vertical vinyl skirting and wooden steps. Prices do not include freight cost from factory, sales/discretionary tax, tag/title/lien fees, customer lot improvements and customer options.
 Model NameBathsDimensionsSquare FootageBase PriceComments
Floor PlansSuper Saver 602.014' x 60'795$37,595 
Floor PlansSi2.014' x 66'874$38,645 
Floor PlansMindi2.024' x 36'840$42,295Limited Time Offer
Floor PlansGail2.024' x 40'933$42,295 
Floor PlansMindi2.026' x 36'897$43,295Limited Time Offer
Floor PlansPhil2.016' x 66'1006$43,445 
Floor PlansMindi2.028' x 36'954$44,295Limited Time Offer
Floor PlansGail2.026 x 40'966$44,295 
Floor PlansAimee2.016' x 72'1098$44,445 
Floor PlansMallory2.016' x 72'1098$44,445 
Floor PlansPhil Stretch2.016' x 72'1098$44,945 
Floor PlansGail2.028' x 40'1060$45,295 
Floor PlansZack2.028' x 40'1060$45,295Limited Time Offer
Floor PlansWill2.024' x 48'1120$48,195 
Floor PlansWill2.026' x 48'1196$49,195 
Floor PlansWill2.028' x 48'1272$50,195 
Floor PlansDanielle2.028' x 44'1166$50,695 
Floor PlansBlayne2.028' x 44'1166$50,895 
Floor PlansDonna2.024' x 44'1026$52,195 
Floor PlansMaria with Optional Kitchen2.028' x 44'1166$52,495 
Floor PlansPeyton2.028' x 48'1272$52,895 
Floor PlansDonna2.026' x 44'1096$53,195 
Floor PlansIslander 442.028' x 44'1166$53,295 
Floor PlansMaria 462.028' x 46'1166$53,895 
Floor PlansDonna2.028' x 44'1166$54,195 
Floor PlansScott with Den2.028' x 52'1378$55,195Limited Time Offer
Floor PlansMiley2.028' x 52'1378$55,195 
Floor PlansRiley2.028' x 52'1378$55,195 
Floor PlansScott with Den and Optional Kitchen2.028' x 52'1378$55,195 
Floor PlansJean2.028' x 48'1272$55,395 
Floor PlansLiz2.028' x 48'1272$56,395 
Floor PlansSam2.028' x 48'1272$56,395 
Floor PlansEli with optional kitchen2.028' x 56'1484$61,795 
Floor PlansEli2.028' x 56'1484$61,795 
Floor PlansSonny2.028' x 60'1590$62,695 
Floor PlansSonny and Cher3.028' x 60'1590$62,695 
Floor PlansMyranda2.028' x 56'1349$63,3951484 square feet including covered porch
Floor PlansIslander2.028' x 56'1484$63,395 
Floor PlansMiley Plus2.032' x 52'1586$63,995 
Floor PlansDana2.028' x 56'1484$64,695 
Floor PlansAnnie2.028' x 52'1378$65,695 
Floor PlansAlex Jr2.028' x 60'1590$65,695 
Floor PlansLindsay2.028' x 56'1484$65,895 
Floor PlansAshley2.028' x 56'1484$66,395 
Floor PlansLeah with Den2.028' x 64'1696$68,695 
Floor PlansKen2.028' x 56'1484$69,195 
Floor PlansRyan2.028' x 64'1696$69,495 
Floor PlansJack2.028' x 66'1749$69,695 
Floor PlansJack and Jill3.028' x 66'1749$69,695 
Floor PlansKen and Barbie With Optional Kitchen3.028' x 64'1696$70,495 
Floor PlansKen and Barbie3.028' x 64'1696$70,495 
Floor PlansErica3.028' x 66'1749$72,995 
Floor PlansErica II2.028' x 66'1749$72,995 
Floor PlansAlex2.028' x 66'1749$76,695 
Floor PlansKen with Den2.028' x 70'1855$82,495 
Floor PlansTracy 32.042' x 60' Triple Wide1941$85,395 
(1) Base Price does not include freight cost from factory, customer lot improvements, customer options and wind zone III if applicable.
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