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Prices include blocking, hurricane anchoring the home, central air conditioning and heat, vertical vinyl skirting, wooden steps and built to Zone II specifications. Prices do not include freight cost from factory, sales/discretionary tax, tag/title/lien fees, customer lot improvements and customer options.
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 SeriesModel NameBedroomsBathsDimensionsSquare FootageBase PriceComments
RichwoodPark Model 3511.014' x 35'463$36,945 
RichwoodPark Model11.014' x 37.33'494$37,245 
RichwoodPark Model II11.014' x 37.33'494$37,245 
RichwoodVacation Cottage11.016' x 37.33'569$38,445 
Tropic IsleCrown Conch22.024' x 35'816$50,495 
RichwoodHailey22.016' x 54'823$42,045 
KingswoodMindi32.024' x 36'840$45,495Limited Time Offer
KingswoodMindi II22.024' x 36'840$45,495Limited Time Offer
Tropic IsleSunflower22.024' x 36'840$49,495 
Tropic IsleSunflower II22.024' x 36'840$45,495 
RichwoodKorie22.016' x 56'868$42,695 
RichwoodWillie22.016' x 56'868$42,395 
Tropic IsleCrown Conch22.026' x 35'872$51,495 
RichwoodSi32.014' x 66'874$42,795 
Tropic IsleReed 3822.024' x 38'886$52,295 
KingswoodMindi32.026' x 36'897$46,495Limited Time Offer
KingswoodMindi II22.026' x 36'897$46,495Limited Time Offer
Tropic IsleSunflower22.026' x 36'897$50,495 
Tropic IsleSunflower II22.026' x 36'897$46,495 
Tropic IsleCrown Conch22.028' x 35'927$52,495 
KingswoodGail32.024' x 40'933$46,495 
KingswoodGail 2BR22.024' x 40'933$46,495 
Tropic IsleMandy22.024' x 40'933$48,495 
Tropic IsleReed 4022.024' x 40'933$53,295 
Tropic IsleReed 3822.026' x 38'946$53,295 
KingswoodMindi32.028' x 36'954$47,495Limited Time Offer
KingswoodMindi II22.028' x 36'954$47,495Limited Time Offer
Tropic IsleSunflower22.028' x 36'954$51,495 
Tropic IsleSunflower II22.028' x 36'954$47,495 
KingswoodZackflower22.028' x 40'954$52,495 
KingswoodGail32.026 x 40'966$47,495 
KingswoodGail 2BR22.026' x 40'966$47,495 
Tropic IsleMandy22.026' x 40'966$49,495 
Tropic IsleReed 4022.026' x 40'966$54,295 
RichwoodPhil32.016' x 66'1006$47,595 
Tropic IsleReed 3822.028' x 38'1007$54,295 
KingswoodDon22.024' x 44'1026$55,395 
KingswoodDonna32.024' x 44'1026$55,395 
Tropic IsleAmber22.028' x 40'1060$56,495 
KingswoodGail32.028' x 40'1060$48,495 
KingswoodGail 2BR22.028' x 40'1060$48,495 
Tropic IsleKim 4022.028' x 40'1060$53,495 
Tropic IsleMandy22.028' x 40'1060$50,495 
Tropic IsleReed 4022.028' x 40'1060$55,295 
KingswoodZack32.028' x 40'1060$48,495Limited Time Offer
KingswoodDon22.026' x 44'1096$56,395 
KingswoodDonna32.026' x 44'1096$56,395 
RichwoodAimee32.016' x 72'1098$48,595 
RichwoodMallory32.016' x 72'1098$48,595 
RichwoodPhil Stretch32.016' x 72'1098$49,095 
KingswoodWill32.024' x 48'1120$51,395 
KingswoodBlayne32.028' x 44'1166$54,095 
KingswoodDanielle32.028' x 44'1166$53,895 
KingswoodDon22.028' x 44'1166$57,395 
KingswoodDonna32.028' x 44'1166$57,395 
Tropic IsleKim 4432.028' x 44'1166$56,495 
KingswoodMaria 4432.028' x 44'1166$55,695 
Regency ManorMaria 4632.028' x 46'1166$57,095 
KingswoodWill32.026' x 48'1196$52,395 
Regency ManorJean32.028' x 48'1272$58,595 
Tropic IsleLiz32.028' x 48'1272$59,595 
KingswoodPeyton32.028' x 48'1272$56,095 
KingswoodSam32.028' x 48'1272$59,595 
KingswoodWill32.028' x 48'1272$53,395 
Regency ManorMyranda32.028' x 56'1349$66,5951484 square feet including covered porch
Regency ManorAnnie32.028' x 52'1378$68,895 
KingswoodMiley32.028' x 52'1378$58,395 
KingswoodPeyton 442.028' x 52'1378$59,395 
KingswoodRiley32.028' x 52'1378$58,395 
KingswoodScott42.028' x 52'1378$58,395Limited Time Offer
KingswoodScott with Den32.028' x 52'1378$58,395Limited Time Offer
KingswoodScott with Den and Optional Kitchen32.028' x 52'1378$58,395 
KingswoodScott with Optional Kitchen42.028' x 52'1378$58,395 
Tropic IsleAshley22.028' x 56'1484$69,595 
KingswoodDana32.028' x 56'1484$67,895 
KingswoodEli32.028' x 56'1484$64,995 
KingswoodEli with optional kitchen32.028' x 56'1484$64,995 
Tropic IsleIslander22.028' x 56'1484$66,595 
Regency ManorKen32.028' x 56'1484$72,395 
Regency ManorLindsay32.028' x 56'1484$69,095 
KingswoodTaylor32.028' x 56'1484$69,995 
KingswoodMiley Plus32.032' x 52'1586$67,195 
Regency ManorAlex Jr32.028' x 60'1590$69,295 
KingswoodSonny32.028' x 60'1590$66,295 
KingswoodSonny and Cher33.028' x 60'1590$66,295 
KingswoodWayne42.028' x 60'1590$65,095 
KingswoodWayne with Optional Kitchen42.028' x 60'1590$65,395 
KingswoodWayne552.028' x 60'1590$66,095 
KingswoodWayne333.028' x 62'1643$66,895 
KingswoodBig Wayne42.028' x 64'1696$67,595 
KingswoodKen and Barbie33.028' x 64'1696$74,095 
KingswoodKen and Barbie With Optional Kitchen33.028' x 64'1696$74,095 
KingswoodLeah with Den32.028' x 64'1696$72,295 
Regency ManorRyan32.028' x 64'1696$73,095 
Regency ManorBrandon42.028' x 66'1749$73,795 
Regency ManorBrandon with optional kitchen42.028' x 66'1749$73,995 
KingswoodBuster52.028' x 66'1749$70,295 
Tropic IsleErica33.028' x 66'1749$76,595 
Tropic IsleErica II32.028' x 66'1749$76,595 
KingswoodGarth42.028' x 66'1749$71,795 
Regency ManorJack32.028' x 66'1749$73,295 
Regency ManorJack and Jill33.028' x 66'1749$73,295 
Regency ManorKen with Den32.028' x 70'1855$86,095 
KingswoodHazel42.028' x 72'1908$78,795 
Regency ManorJames42.028' x 72'1908$78,795 
KingswoodKeith53.028' x 72'1908$76,295 
Regency ManorTracy 332.042' x 60' Triple Wide1941$88,095 
Regency ManorTracy 442.042' x 60' Triple Wide1941$88,095 
Regency ManorDuke53.042' x 68' Triple Wide2153$89,195 
Regency ManorAdrian32.032' x 72'2196$91,900 
Regency ManorRomeo43.042' x 72' Triple Wide2259$92,895 
Regency ManorRomeo and Juliet44.042' x 72' Triple Wide2259$92,895 
Regency ManorBob53.028' x 52'/ 28' x 48' Quad2650$117,795 

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